Monday, November 03, 2008

Daylight spending

Regardless of the clocks being turned back, I don't think I should have woken up at four.

Okay, I thought. My body believes it's five--early, yes, but not an ungodly hour to rise.

I tried to fall back asleep and when I next looked at the time, it was five.

I haven't yet adjusted to the change, I told myself. So actually, it's six. I know lots of people who get up at six.

I took another stab at sleep, but then felt hungry. I remembered reading an article that said you should eat within the first hour of waking--that if you wait any longer, your metabolism will slow down or convert stuff to sugar, or something like that.

So I laid in bed with a fig-flavored yogurt, then licked the spoon, turned off the light and closed my eyes.

Sleep never did come, but the laundry is going and the dishes are done--and if I hurry it up, I can finish this post and pay my bills by six--which is really seven, which isn't an unusual hour to start the day, not unusual at all.


CJGallegos said...

Alright. I see the root of the problem is the fig-flavored yogurt. The subconscious anticipation, the conscious yearning, the reality of what you're actually eating. Who could sleep???

itzktb said...

Coop! That's it!

But what can I do? There is no way in hell I'm gonna give up the flavor of figs--especially when it's at the bottom of a yogurt made by God!

Dina said...

never forget what your father told you: If your up , you might as well make the best of that time,and not worrying about trying to get to sleep. Sorry, I know that was a LOUSY QUOTE...but I remember YOU sharing "something" to that effect....I thought it was soo wise. I'm just OLD and can't remember EXACTLY how you put it!!

Anonymous said...

i accidentally got to the bakery at 3am on sunday morning instead of 4am but i punched out at 9 so it payed off rw