Saturday, November 22, 2008

Poor pitiful me

Wrote this around midnight--fell asleep before I could post it.

Screw this.

I'm sick of this.

I know I'm healthy, blessed lucky and loved--but after nine days of being relatively home-bound, I have turned inward. Seemingly overnight, I have become an evil, angry girl. I've managed to spare family, friends and the dog from my wrath, but I haven't smiled all afternoon, I've pushed the laptop aside and cursed David's remote, the one that never finds anything worth watching.

I know I'm fortunate and surrounded by love, but tonight I am an ungrateful and ornery princess--locked alone in her tower, wishing to be rescued and whisked away--maybe to Greenwich Village, definitely wearing something great, and most certainly by a tall, dark and handsome Romeo.

Doctor says two weeks to go--and when that day comes, believe me, I'm outta here.


runnerfrog said...

Doctor said two weeks for a Romeo to rescue you? Wow, THAT's professionalism.

It's hard to be convalescing, and
keep balance for so long.

Did you took my advice and read that book I told you? Well, wouldn't change much anyway.

You would really give good use to an argentinian feet rub now, if it weren't so awkward and freakish. LOL I'm stupidly laughing at myself.
Get well, friend.

itzktb said...

I think the awkward and freakish should be just as, if not MORE entitled to Argentinian foot rubs than others!

Sorry, I don't remember your book recommendation, perhaps I was on drugs at the time. And YES, my doctor assured me--one week to solid foods and two weeks to the man of my dreams!

Thanks, C.