Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy birthday!

To the wonderful, kindhearted and extremely talented Cristian René.

Con mucho amor,

Catalina y de La Nota Media.

(Improper Spanish with a proper Argentinian accent!)


runnerfrog said...

Catalina, you scare me, did I mentioned? ...Charlie Parker.

And I suspect that the movie star Sweetie López has not only "lurked in the shadows" for photographing you asleep, but also to shoot me doing my "banjump" --she should consider a career as a papparazzo; if only she weren't a movie star... how contradictory.

itzktb said...

Last night I jokingly said to Ms. López: "To runnerfrog, you are like a celebrity!" It made her laugh.

Of course, this was long before your comment about her being a movie star, so perhaps we should start accepting these occurrences as natural!

Again, happy birthday to you, friend.