Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it be

Christmastime can be a sink full of dirty dishes, or the warmth you feel when imagining her smile. It can be your pain or your playfulness, your distraction or your peace--but this time of year, no matter what, is always something.

In recent days I have opened my heart, my home and my body. I have longed to be with someone who is not here, been compelled to be with someone I've never met, and loved being with those around me. I have boarded my familiar ship to nowhere, and fortunately the trips are getting shorter. I received a gift from a friend--a declaration of freedom which, with all the implications and mysteries it holds for him, I am left humbled.

Let It Be is on the sidebar again, because at Christmastime, and at all times, what else is there to do.

For you, from the white lioness.


runnerfrog said...

May be I'm crazy as common, but this doesn't sound like the album version of the song, it's lovely, slight differences. I like it. Or I'm simply deranged.

itzktb said...

It's the version where McCartney sings without his underwear--it's Naked.

itzktb said...

Oh, and by the way--very good ear for someone so visual... and so deranged. :)

runnerfrog said...

Oh, "I C.", I only know the underwear-on version, it makes perfect sense now! Thanks.

Thought that choosing was hard, after checking the underwear version again; both are hot, but this one is a winner.

itzktb said...

Pants down, it is the better version.