Friday, December 19, 2008

Sticky situation

Annie: "Mommy, are you lonely?"

Me: "Sometimes I am."

Annie: "I mean, do you wish you had a boyfriend?"

Me: "Sometimes I do. Why, do I seem lonely to you?"

Annie: "Well, sometimes I guess. I mean, you go out with guys, and well, I don't want to offend you..."

Me: "It's OK., you won't offend me."

Annie: "Well, it's like you're this beautiful wall, all clean and pretty and nice--but you keep putting these old, crappy stickers up and they just peel and crumble and fall off."


Dina said...

she is PRICELESS !!!! How can you NOT have a good day after your own flesh & blood just told you what a beauty ( and in her own analogy) you ARE!!!

itzktb said...

I know I carried her for 9 months Dina, but I don't know if she's my flesh and blood--Annie is not of this world!