Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't cry for me

I'm going to Argentina.

Right now.


CJGallegos said...


runnerfrog said...

Lately Argentina is having this constant mediatic debate between our madam president and one female senator, and it already degraded (or upgraded, to the male eye) into a cat fight. Would you intervene? Or if the voice of reason is unheard, spice things up a bit instead? Who knows, that senate office could be yours. And for much less we've given away our presidential seat!

itzktb said...

Yes, Coop, I am in Buenos Aires en este momento.

Runnerfrog--As I write this, I´m just about to go into The Pink House and have a cilvilized meeting wih your president. I assure you, she is no match for me, and Argentina will be fixed by noon tomorrow!

itzktb said...

Sorry Wendy, I´m not able to download my pictures from here, so I pulled that one off the internet. Of course, The Half Note promises to report all upon return.