Friday, January 30, 2009

Observaciones en Argentina

Female friends, and mothers and daughters of all ages, walk hand-in-hand.

When greeting, men never hesitate to kiss one another. 

Cab drivers in Buenos Aires drive like New York cab drivers on crack.

Like New York, people here love their dogs. However, instead of high-priced purebreds in designer clothes, Argentinians are just as happy dragging their mangy one-eared mutts on the end of a ragged rope.

Since waiters don´t work for tips, you are always welcome to sit for coffee and stay as long as you like.

Cost to use a computer for one hour at an internet cafe, 1 peso.



runnerfrog said...

Cab drivers here are fastly driven on any crack they see.

itzktb said...

And if their customers wear dresses, there is no shortage of crack.