Friday, January 02, 2009

Sitting at the sidebar

I just couldn't keep Garth Brooks on the blog for more than a day, so here's something sweet by Narrow Stairs.

Click the music player at the sidebar to listen.


nnnnnn said...

good track.. is this what you do when you cannot sleep.. I must try it.. I don't sleep either..

how do you do the music side bar..? wanted to ask for ages.. but now I am asking..

if you want to tell me please let me know.. :-) nite M

itzktb said...

N: My friend Kristian has a program called "Transmit," I think it's just for Mac but I'm not sure. Anyway, he has a paid account and allows me to use it for posting songs.

So, let me take this opportunity to thank Kristian Gonzales for all the music here at The Half Note.

nnnnnn said...

thank you,,,, M