Friday, January 16, 2009

Sitting at the sidebar

I'm not shy in public, I never hesitate to talk to strangers or sing along at the supermarket. But rarely do I find myself in a clothing store, like I did today, dancing as freely as I would in a nightclub--this song playing at full volume.

A little bit of "feel good" goes a long way--just ask me, and just ask Jamie Lidell.


runnerfrog said...

:-) Liked the image of your clothing store becoming a nightclub to you.
Just an ask, as you asked to be asked: I'll be in Buenos Aires by late January, early february, if you want a ride around a sophisticated tango city and a noisy clubbing at Pachá, it's on me. If you don't, I have a champagne bottle to replace you.

itzktb said...

Buenos Aires?

I dunno Cristian, I already have a vacation planned in Teaneck New Jersey--thanks for the offer, but you'd better hang onto that champagne.

runnerfrog said...

I don't even know where that is, so I'll be sinking my ignorance in champagne. Quite appropriate. Then will recover from the first bottle with a second, and will surely feel less ignorant. :-)

itzktb said...

If you ever choose Teaneck as a vacation spot, you'll need a case of that champagne to make for a good time.

So put down that bottle, and be glad you're going to Buenos Aires!

runnerfrog said...

May be I should send a couple of cases to Teaneck instead, then.