Monday, January 12, 2009

Waiting to exhale

I can't write but I can eat-
Sugar on brown bread.
I can't blog and I can't sleep-
Or remember what I just said.

I'm ready to go, but stuck right here-
And it's so cold, I lost one ear.
The child she sleeps and the dog she plays-
And even at night I'm just counting the days.

Do I refrain, hold back by force-
Or when I don't speak, is it par for the course?
I can't tell the truth but I won't tell lies-
So I leave my dear readers with this to surmise:

Your Half Note blogger is taking a class-
Evolving 201 and it's kicking her ass.
Awakenings to the left, to the right, from above-
So much bigger than a song, a new dress or a new love.

Please be patient while I roam the streets-
And the alleys of my own mind.
The silence is waiting for the noise to return,
And it will, as always,
In due time.

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