Saturday, February 14, 2009

Art & love

Yesterday at the Metropolitan Museum, I visited the exhibit Art and Love in Renaissance Italy--portraits and artifacts dedicated to courtship, marriage, sad widows, and common whores. In the Asian gallery I saw Bodhisattvas with heads and no bodies, Bodhisattvas with bodies and no heads, and Bodhisattvas with broken hands. I saw many sets of Buddha eyes--sleepy and sweet, and in the Impressionist Room, I saw the lilacs by Renoir.


wendy said...

love the dedication title of the show! i just hope that men were also noted as being common whores too?! yah right!

itzktb said...

Yeah, you know how it goes--the women are whores and the men are heroes!

One doesn't have to be radical in their feminism to have it make you sick.

Love to you, sister.