Sunday, March 08, 2009

In my dreams

Last night I dreamed I was walking down a quiet road, when I suddenly came upon a group of people being held at gunpoint by armed military police. Some of the people were able to get away, walking quickly while trying not to be seen, and I began walking with them. I noticed they were all carrying flags and wearing shirts that represented their country, Argentina--and I soon found out their former president Carols Menem had died.

I could feel the mounting tension and wasn't sure what to do. Should I make it clear I was an American, that I was unaware of Menem's death, or should I gather with and support "La Gente?"

I quickly decided to join the group and found myself sitting with them in a concrete alcove, camouflaged by leaves and trees, unaware of why we were hiding. I looked around and saw many Muslims gathering, too, and thought to move away from them since they were such easy targets.

I eventually made it home--David was sitting on the sofa and Cristian's father Raúl was on an easy chair.

"Raúl!" I shouted, "Menem's dead!"

Raul stirred and I saw he was asleep. As I began to tell David what had happened, there was a knock at the door. An Argentinian military police officer walked in and told me not to worry, he only had a few questions. I said I knew nothing, but when he asked for my passport, he saw it was filled with stamps from Argentina. I knew in that moment I would be held suspect for something, although I couldn't imagine for what.

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runnerfrog said...

I sent the oneiric police to detain the dreamer who kidnapped my father. At least he was kindly treated, and he could sleep while la gente was repressed at caring about something unnecessary for their country; as he always do in reality.
Poor Menem, he divorced, then he died, life is unfair with weapon traffickers.