Monday, March 16, 2009

Morning time

Annie: "Mommy, what time is it?"

Me: "It's seven twenty."

Annie: "Seven twenny?"

Me: "No, seven twenty. There are two "Ts" in the word, 'Twenty.'"

Annie: "And there is one "T" in the word, 'Twenny!"


shawn said...

WOW !!! She's startin to talk like a Canadian ... next she'll want you to travel to Tor'ona !!!

Tai said...

How well I remember Roger Bowen gently reminding his daughter: "There are two Ts in twenty."

itzktb said...

Funny how goes,it isn't it, Tai? I knew you'd remember that.

shawn said...


... and the apple falls STRAIGHT down from the tree !!!!

Watch out world - here comes Annie Kosh !!!