Sunday, April 19, 2009

Breakfast, April 19th 2009

Me: "Bruce, would you like a bowl of porridge?"

Bruce: "Who am I, Spanky?"


shawn said...

Ah but a connoisseur of both porridge and the Little Rascals (or Our Gang) would KNOW that it was Mush that Spanky and his kin ate ... "L'porridge" appeared in one episode as a fancy alternative served in silver domed serving bowls to thier usually MUSH (it's one of my favourite episodes !!!).

So what did you give him??
Porridge, mush or toast?

itzktb said...

That's so funny, Rev! I had no idea what Bruce was referring to, and told him no one else would either. He assured me at least ONE Half Note reader would get the remark, and of course, it was YOU!

I ended up giving Bruce scrambled eggs with Capicola ham.

shawn said...

the year was 1933 - the episode was called "mush and milk" ... it was and remains a classic.

Read about it here:

I loved it ... and of course at least one of your loyal fans would get the reference !!

Way to go Bruce !!