Thursday, May 07, 2009

Leo horoscope by Rob Brezsny

"The Amazing Race" is a reality TV show in which two-member teams compete for money and prizes by doing odd feats in exotic locales. One especially stupid and awesome task they performed was carrying 50-pound wheels of cheese down a slippery hill in Switzerland. Everyone started out hauling the wheels on cumbersome wooden backpacks, but hardly anyone was able to make it to the bottom without falling, breaking the backpacks, and having to manually herd the runaway cheese the rest of the way. I foresee a similar fate for you, Leo. You'll be asked to do things that are both fun and frustrating, all in a cause that in the long run will be worthwhile.


runnerfrog said...

Oh, the cultural differences. Here in South America we haul the mice away from the cities into wooden backpacks, we fall and they run away again. If only Switzerland and Argentina could have a cooperation treaty, at least the latin-american gumdrops would have fun in this land forgotten by the Lord.

AMGallegos said...

OMG, that's so cheesy.

ChloeLovesLife said...

I love you, Katie Bowen!

I moved up the block, though I don't get the key and the right to sleep there until June 15th. It's going to be a total girl hangout!

That means you, me and tea!

By the way, I'm back from Ecuador and I need to hang out with your Royal Fabulousness ASAP!


P.S. You describing this reality-TV show idiocy is ten times funnier than watching it. I can already see the stressed faces on these lunatics as they struggle to perform a task that will give them no insight into life and is an exercise in futility- at best.

itzktb said...


First of all, Rob Brezsny wrote the horoscope, but more importantly, I've been thinking about you so much! I want to hear all about the apartment, and I must tell you, your screen name gives me a very happy feeling!

So glad you're home, little sister--I'm at work--give a call. xxo