Thursday, June 18, 2009

In my dreams

During an early evening doze, I dreamed I was driving in my car passing another car on the left. Suddenly I was in danger, headed right for a semi--but at the last minute the semi moved. I continued forward toward a three-way intersection with a cliff straight ahead, and by the time I noticed the street light was out, I was going too fast. I had to make a left turn, but it was too late to slow down. I knew if I slammed on the brakes, I'd flip over or skid off the cliff. I also couldn't tell if cars were coming from the other side, and if I might be headed for a major collision. I had no choice but to leave it to fate as I approached the intersection at full speed.

Ultimately I was not hit, and without any effort, I made the turn and my car came to a smooth and safe stop.

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