Friday, July 24, 2009

I like to live in America

Last night Cristian and I went to an amazing Broadway production of West Side Story, and tomorrow we go watch the Yankees beat the Oakland A's.


smartz said...

West Side Story was the first Broadway show I remember seeing, albeit the movie version. I love, love, love the music and dancing.

Tai said...

Nice story. Except...the Oakland As are going to kick some Yankee ass tomorrow.

runnerfrog said...

And they just did, and I'm furious! You should have been on our side, slim flying elephant! It was so obvious that Andy Pettitte was getting tired and going down in the sixth inning; I would never understand why Girardi didn't do the relieve on time!
And I have a sunburn... Everthing's pissing the frog off. Must go again to the stadium tomorrow :-) to heat this losers up with the rest of my voice.
Go ssstupid yankees!

itzktb said...


If runnerfrog ever comes to your town, do yourself a favor--tell him the Coliseum is closed for renovations! He's INSANE!!!

itzktb said...


If you ever get to New York, go see it--and OF COURSE let me know in advance--we'll meet for coffee or a cocktail, or better yet, BOTH! xxok