Saturday, July 04, 2009

I'll fly home

Four days ago I sat in my apartment, and on the fire escape outside my window I saw a white dove. I watched her for some time, pulled out my camera, but quickly realized she could not be captured.

Three days ago I was in Cape Cod and saw a baby bird, too young to be away from its nest. She was hopping across the street through traffic, so I picked her up and placed her by a tree in a garden. I imagined her mother finding her there--I held back tears and rushed away.

Two days ago I was by a pool and found a dead sparrow that was knocked out of its egg by a New England storm.

Yesterday I was in a town called Mystic and fed millet to a bright yellow parakeet that sat perched on my finger.

Today a breeze blows through my window, calling me to look out. I listen to a song called Destiny and the white dove has returned. This time I take notice, this time she looks at me.

While I sit with the slight and familiar discomfort I feel when my child is out walking alone, I know better than to hold onto anything. I know better than to try and capture the breeze, or my child, the past or this moment, or the beauty that sits on the fire escape looking at me.


smartz said...

I'm so overcome by emotion, I can hardly think what to say. Thanks.

runnerfrog said...

This is from Michelangelo's sonnets:

Choice soul, in whom, as in a glass, we see,
Mirrored in thy pure form and delicate,
What beauties heaven and nature can create,
The paragon of all their works to be!
Fair soul, in whom love, pity, piety,
Have found a home, as from thy outward state
We clearly read, and are so rare and great
That they adorn none other like to thee!
Love takes me captive; beauty binds my soul;
Pity and mercy with their gentle eyes
Wake in my heart a hope that cannot cheat.
What law, what destiny, what fell control,
What cruelty, or late or soon, denies
That death should spare perfection so complete?

itzktb said...

Thank you smartz... Cristian. xxok