Monday, August 03, 2009

A matter of taste

Cristian wasn't impressed with Chinese dumplings, but he loved peanut butter and jelly. He really liked the iced chai, but he rejected the granola. He didn't care much for bowling, but he went wild for the Yankees. He liked my neighbors, but he adored my mother.

Cristian was helpful to me, but he would have given the world to Annie.

We miss you, Runnerfrog!~Katie, Annie, David, Lulu, Ann & Honey.


runnerfrog said...

:-) Thank you. It's just that NY Yankees fans let a good impression. Honey specially misses my foot.
Why is it that I don't have that picture?!

itzktb said...

The photo was taken outside when I drove you to the airport. Will email ASAP. Honey does indeed miss your foot, especially the right one.