Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Leo horoscope by Rob Brezsny

No one knew there was coal in the United States until 1790. A hunter who was wandering near Pennsylvania's Broad Mountain stumbled upon it accidentally when his campfire lit up an outcropping of pure anthracite. That discovery was both a blessing and a curse; since then, the mining of coal has yielded abundant energy but also environmental degradation. I predict a metaphorically similar event for you in the coming days, Leo. You will inadvertently find a potentially enormous source of valuable fuel that will, like coal, present you with both rich opportunities and knotty dilemmas.

But Naughty dilemmas would make it worth while, no? kb.


smartz said...

Love the wordplay. Some of my best friends are Leo's.

Tai said...

Are you looking for alternative energy sources, as Rob suggests in his ever-so-nuanced way?

runnerfrog said...

Yeah... all to avoid your nutty dilemmas perhaps? :-) I'm a cruel frog. Cruella deFrog.