Monday, September 07, 2009

To Eyre is human

There is nothing more interesting to me than love and romance--people have their missions and mine has always been related to matters of the heart. Making a film was fun, editing television pays the rent, but it's what I feel when I'm in love that feeds and fuels me. It's the peace and the pain of it, the way it forces me awake and inspires me to walk on the edge of everything. It's how I learn to surrender and take refuge, to give and forgive, and give more after that.

Jane Eyre is my favorite book and my favorite love story, and even if the vacant side of my bed is never claimed by Mr. Rochester, I'll always believe that a great love is the highest form of art. Shakespeare, Neruda, and Brontë conjured up their visions, and I have one of my own.

Without looking or longing, I'll remain alone in a state of love before I share my life with a man whose connection to me is less than rare. I'll let the story write itself and then, just as it will, allow it to come to an end.


smartz said...

I'm envious of your trust. Love has come to me often, wearing a false mask.

itzktb said...

I don't know if I lack the ABILITY to guard my heart, or if I just refuse to. I suppose since I have no regrets, whatever it is, it's good. Thanks for chiming in Sandra, I always love when you do. xxxok