Saturday, October 03, 2009

The garden

When a woman makes love, has she given something away, did she share something sacred, is she taken and returned, worshiped and exposed?

When a woman makes love, is she angel or whore, does she walk in dirt across a sunlit street, or is it all part of the same path?

Jesus, Buddha, Allah, legalize, criticize, until death do you part or love the one you're with--because all of it's true, and none of it's true, so we just try to take care.

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e.gajd said...

Oddly enough, with just a few lettering changes and couple of additional words, there is hidden in your ironical criticism of the gaggle of religious icons, the germ of wisdom, if not, maybe, even a truth.

Here's my re-write:
... until death, [comma] do your part [and] love the one you're with-- ... [if] all of it's true, [then] none of it's true, so 'just' ... attend to that which needs your care.

Okay, okay, so that 'just' leaps over the difficult challenges of; 1) discerning in life what comprises your part and; 2) being able to discern when love means letting go or giving hug, walking out or walking in. Now, there is where in the real world the weight of wisdom lies.

And fall is wonderful and I love the feel of it. I think this may be in part because it triggers in the instinctual side of life a relaxation and movement away from growth towards peace and reflection - even, perhaps, a confrontation with our mortality as the growth and vitality of summer comes to an end before new growth can be seen again.

Be well.