Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts in real time

On the train to work this morning, as I listened to the music I have posted at the sidebar, I thought to myself, I am home. Then I thought about detours, and that I've taken quite a few in the past months--both musically and personally. Then I thought there's no such thing as a detour, because there's no such thing as a main route, not really.

We never stray from home or from who we are, because the map has only one road. It's the one that takes us over pavement and rock, through parts unknown, places to revisit and things to see for the first time. And whether we stop to hang our hat, or land only to take off again, we're always home in some way. We always walk through the rooms and adjust the pictures--we change things, move them to different places--always trying to make it sweeter, make it better, make it feel more like home.


smartz said...

Brilliant! and helpful to all of us who obsess on the little while failing to notice the really important.

Anonymous said...

boy i really like that picture rw

itzktb said...

Thank you, S. Me too, RW.. xox