Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday night

Sitting on the sofa...

Annie: "You're a piece of crap."

Me: "I am?"

Annie: "We're gonna sell you in a garage sale because you don't work anymore."

Me: "Hey, I paid for your birthday party yesterday!"

Annie: "Mom, I'm talking to the lamp!"


e.gajd said...

This is so funny! Just when we think we are the centre of the universe, presto, a child shines a (broken) light on the error of our ego's delusional ways.


Reverend Shawn said...

are you SURE she was speaking to the lamp ???
Or did she flash that beautiful smile, and twinkle those eyes and merely convince you while she was slipping a "free to a good home" sticker on your back ???
Keep an eye on that one!!!