Tuesday, December 07, 2010


(Originally posted February 2008)

All my life I've handed out gold stars to everyone but me, and tonight I give myself the biggest one. Congratulations Katie, for not spending your days in a career you hate, or immersing yourself in idle gossip, or believing there's a politician who doesn't lie. For being brave enough to leave a man you love, smart enough to know that every disaster since has been a lesson in disguise, and for killing a belief that was keeping you from being that woman, who tonight seems closer than ever.

I don't want to change, I want to understand who I am then customize my world. I don't want to be better, I want to be open. I don't want to be nicer, I want connectedness to become my natural state of being, and I don't want to be prettier, I just want to be so fulfilled that it's impossible to keep the smile off my face.

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e.gajd said...

"Connectedness," living in the moment. That is the thing!

I have just joined an exercise in doing just that in the smallest of ways. I think you may find it interesting, and maybe worth giving it a try.

Take a look @ A River f Stones.