Friday, March 04, 2011

In my dreams

Last night I dreamed I was standing with a young girl beside an aquatic display, and one of the things on the table was a sea anemone. The girl yanked it from its tank, tossed it to the side, and made a careless joke. Then I picked it up and looked at its underbelly.

"It's alive," you know? I said to the girl, and she gave me a stunned look.

"No it's not," she replied curtly, but when I put it back into the tank, it quickly buried itself into the sand. I looked at the girl again who realized her mistake.

I said, "A sea anemone is not your enemy, see?"


smartz said...

Your dream reminds me of how we sometimes look at others: homeless on the street, women with dirty, raucous children in tow, the too fat or too thin.

Joe said...

(applause) bravo!