Monday, April 04, 2011

Bits & pieces

I made a 9-minute film and published a six-word memoir, so it only seems fitting that I should direct a 15-minute play.

You can purchase tickets here for the American Globe Theatre's 17th Annual 15-Minute Play Festival (April 28th performance), and then come hang out with me, the writer and the cast after the show.



e.gajd said...

KT, are you getting it filmed so as to share it with us out of towners? I'd love to see it.


smartz said...

If only...Break a leg?

itzktb said...

Guy--we're not doing it ourselves, but I'll find out if the theatre is filming it and will try and get a copy to share. I hope you're well! KT

Sandra, you, Coop and Irene! Will you be able to make it to Coop's reading in Santa Cruz? xxo