Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life after love (after love, after love...)

You can meet a man five years older than you, exchange vows in Central Park, then say goodbye after a lifetime together. You can meet a man nine years older with whom you've never known such adoration and acceptance, but who has commitments and priorities that don't include you. You can meet a man ten years younger who travels across the earth to be in your company, and then two years later he's not even your friend. You can meet a man your age who swears he will protect your heart, and then discover that while you were believing in him, he was telling you lies. You can meet a man half your age who makes you laugh, wants only to be good, and who doesn't promise a thing so there can be no promises broken--and one day he might decide to give all that sweetness he gives to you... to someone else. You can meet a man, but the truth is, his age won't matter, because he will either love you right and love you long, or you will simply (but not so simply) be with him until the day you are not with him anymore.


smartz said...

A timeless story, sadly, inevitably.

Trinity said...

Well said. Everything is transient.