Saturday, May 12, 2012

Real woman

A real woman has curves, but she can also be as thin as a rail. What makes a woman real is that she has a mind and a voice, and a loving and breakable heart.

A real woman is powerful and vulnerable-as gentle as a lamb and as strong as a lion. She’s imperfect and flawed and has dry skin on her elbows.

A real woman can make you laugh and make you feel loved, and sometimes she turns to ice, talks back, and even gets mean.

A real woman is both confident and afraid. Afraid of being ignored or consumed, or worse, replaced-so she guards her heart while longing to set it free.

It’s not curves, or long hair, or tanned skin, or straight teeth that makes a woman a real woman. What makes a real woman a real woman… is that she’s a real woman.


Anonymous said...

it helps if she makes a good sandwich rw

Kathy said...

I feel like a real woman. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

wendy mccarroll gallegos said...

beautiful! thanks!

itzktb said...

Russell-spoken like a Real MAN! xxo

itzktb said...

Kathy-Wendy: xxxoooo