Sunday, November 04, 2012

The sound of music

People on the bus talking so loudly on their cellphones, I decide to pull out mine and play Alfred Brendel's Beethoven Sonatas, without headphones, at full volume. Beautiful old man in the seat in front of me turned and smiled, and from 34th street to 66th, in the midst of the noise and chaos, we listened together.


Anonymous said...

good for you katie. cellphone people are right up there with tweakers in my book. were you on a bus because of flooded subways? do cellphones work on subways? gl to you and yours rw

itzktb said...

Hi, Russ!

Yes, unfortunately, cellphones work and are used with no restrictions on buses, and yes, I was on the bus because there is still only limited train service. Mom, Annie and I were not impacted at all-very lucky indeed. I'm so happy to hear from you. xox