Saturday, March 02, 2013


As I'm writing this, my fifteen year old daughter is taking a shower. I have only ever heard pop music coming from her iphone when she plays it in the bathroom-I have only heard songs that are loud and/or sexually and violently explicit. But right now I hear jazz coming from her iphone. Real jazz. My daughter, on her own, is listening to jazz.


May said...

Had been wanting to get Lyla (Justine's daughter, now 9) to learn and sing a jazz song for her Papa's 75th(!) birthday. She refused because she "hates jazz." So we gave her a Renee Olstead CD to break her in. Now she knows and loves and sings all the songs and likes Billie Holliday too. Onward to all the other greats.

itzktb said...

Hello May! I'm so sorry I didn't see your comment before today! I hope you are all well! xxoooo