Friday, July 06, 2007

Doctor, my eyes!

Aside from his music, which I'm totally diggin' at the moment, will one woman my age please step forward and tell me they DIDN'T have a HUGE crush on this man?

Jesus, I did.


Dina said...

My sister DID!! I was the QUEEN at liking older guys, but i didn't the JB fever like alot did..

Ponygecko said...

I didn't know him as a kid, but I can appreciate him now. I have a friend who sings, her group is called The Naked Barbies, and every guy who came to her gigs looked like Jackson Brown.

Nothing but sheer, unadulterated trouble, is the man with the sensitive face.

itzktb said...

pg: Sheer, unadulterated trouble is my middle name. Sign me up!

Ponygecko said...


There is no shortcut to lifelong friendship, even through a set of chiseled features. Thass all I gotta say. More, you'll have to ask from the experts, who have their sigoths and can speak of the tiny moments as they began to know; and rest easy; and rest easy in the resting easy of it all.

Good luck, and be careful out there.

itzktb said...

I’m not a great believer in luck, and "Being careful out there" implies there's something to be afraid of. From my experience, somtimes a little unadulterated trouble is just what the doctor ordered.