Friday, November 09, 2007

Dirty pretty things

Annie: "Mommy, would you ever consider posing for someone who made nude sculptures?"

Katie: "If I got my body in a little better shape, yes, I would."

Annie: "What if the sculptor was a dirty old man that you didn't know?"


shawn said...

Katie: "Then I WOULDN'T have to worry about being in better shape!"

Annie is as always, delightful, witty, and frightfully observant !!

I'm sure you'd make an awesome model as you are though!

Dina said...

yeah Katie,
your YOUR WORST enemy!!! but, please, stay away from dirty old guys!

itzktb said...

Dina, it depends on the dirty old man. You'd be surprised how sexy some of them can be.

Dina said...

you make me laugh!!!!! But please, I'm a Leo, I know some are very sexy! I find alot of things does not always involve a chisled jaw, or baby blues...although all of those can be very sexy :)