Saturday, August 30, 2008

A midlife must

Walking through a P-Town parking lot, I spotted a beautiful long-haired lesbian in cowgirl jeans climbing into her brand new, bright yellow Mustang.

"Oh my God!" I said, "I want that car!"

A huge smile of contentment spread across her pretty face.

"It's my menopause car!" she exclaimed.

Right then I decided, no matter how impractical, no matter how unlike me it would be, when the time comes--it's gonna be my menopause car, too.


shawn said...

When you get it - come to Manitoba ... the vast open prairie highways are the PERFECT place to "drive" a mustang ... though it resembles a flying low in an airplane !!!

Bonne Chance !!
I'll await my ride !!!!

itzktb said...

OK Rev, but when you're standing on side of the road, look for one in red. Red and black.. that will me.

shawn said...