Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sitting at the sidebar

I know I've posted this picture before--I may have also posted this song. Proof perhaps that as we evolve, we sometimes must return to lessons already learned, and learn them again.

"When the truths of love are planted firm, they wont be hard to find."

At least that's what I believe.

Click on the music player, turn it up loud, and listen to one of my favorite songs of all time.


CJGallegos said...

In high school I had the same English teacher for two years in a row. The first year I wrote a book report on a book I loved. The following year I wrote another book report on the same book. My teacher said, "I think you gave me a report on this same book last year." "I've grown. I was a different person last year. So that makes this a different book." I had her there.

nnnnnn said...

hi Ma'am ha ha ha ha.. hey, how about something from Orson Wells..
you know what today is don't you... :-)


itzktb said...

m--I'm no movie buff, but I'm assuming it's his birthday.

No-can-do--honestly, it was hard for me to come up with the FOUR TOPS!


nnnnnn said...

hi Katie, thanks for reply.

re Orson, yesterday was the day back in 1938 he broadcast War of the Worlds on radio and scared many Americans. ha ha

PS you are no music snob.. keep up the great work...Best wishes...M