Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4:30 am.

Had little sleep, woke bound and burning--sideways now, can't catch my breath.

Sick of sicles, hungry for toast, no complaining, just make it art.



runnerfrog said...

You're taking your melancholy to a higher artistic level lately.
Suddenly I wonder if you've seen new movies lately, I remember I felt curious and saw them everytime you did talk about them.

itzktb said...

No Cristian, no new movies. Just like reading, I start and then immediately fall asleep.

I did see an amazing film a few weeks ago--a documentary called, "We Are Together." I will write a small review and post it soon.

I think it's one of those films everyone should see, just to re-connect to humanity and to the joy that, under even the worst circumstances imaginable, lives in all of us and rises up as if it has to.

I'm glad you like my melancholy, I mean, my art.