Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks giving

At today's post-op visit, I brought my surgeon a gift--a copy of "Six Word Memoirs."

Inside it I wrote:

"Dear Dr. Keegan, in 6 words: Thank you for making me prettier."


nnnnnn said...

is this you throwing up after the op.. oh dear.. how sad... :-) hope your sense of humour is with you :-)

loved the picture of the street in the rain.. cannot post comment to it so posting here. at about that time last night (1am) I was nearly an hour into the air on a Korean Airlines flight from KL to Seoul and snuggled up across three seats at the back of the plane trying to get some sleep. I should have drunk more wine because I only got about 4 hours and am beginning to fade now.. mid afternoon and still lots of meetings and stuff to do. Anyway.. all this rambling to say remember what Mark Twain said about being lonely... the worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself...... and now you are so much "prettier" (hee hee) I know you don't have that problem. M

itzktb said...

No silly, she's not throwing up--she's drying off from her bath! She's a Degas!

I always love your comments, M--thank you.

nnnnnn said...

a Degas eh!! well I never.... :-)

..... he was fixated with woman having a bath, well judging by many of his paintings... one I like was something like "After the bath" much better composition I think... but what do I know ... I'm just out to be an impressionist ha ha..


itzktb said...

M---you are a fine impressionist indeed.

Degas' "After the Bath" is one of my favorite paintings, and I'll tell you something else. After 2 weeks of not being able to have a proper shower, the doctor told me that today I can.

So I, like Degas, am also fixated on women (at least this woman), having a bath!