Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lowering myself

Every once in a great while, in the midst of my day, I will look down and see Honey. She might be hunting under furniture, or playing with a toy, or resting by herself. I will suddenly see her, not just as the little dog that lives at my feet, but as all of her--the life she is, the gift she is. I will stop what I am doing and get on the floor with her, and as I kneel down, for a moment she is startled and surprised. She lowers her head, tucks in her body as if in honor, welcoming me to her world. It's as if she is saying, thank you for visiting, thank you for remembering I am down here.


CJGallegos said...

Wow! What a mannerly little dog you have. Annie Bones leaps on the bed, tugs at uncombed tendrils, gnaws on ankles, barks and sticks her nose into every single aspect of our lives. She doesn't even know she lives at floor level.

Tai said...

Ditto cats. Most of the time we're eye to eye with Puck on the kitchen table and he's probably thinking, "You people have a lot of nerve coming up to my level."