Friday, November 18, 2011

Osservazioni di Roma

There appears to be a lot less sex used in advertising here.

It seems that the men are less vulgar when looking at women on the streets than they are back home. It seems they are far more interested in what's behind a woman's eyes than in the shape of her behind.

The city, the country itself, is so ridiculously beautiful. I mean, it's not like you have to search for beauty here; it's everywhere. So if beauty is everywhere, maybe to the people of Italy, beauty is just a given. Maybe that's why it doesn't have to be manufactured, falsified, cheapened and worshiped.

Just a thought.


wendy said...

thanks for this. yup those outside of north america seem to get some things we just don't. enjoy!

e.gajd said...

KT, I am still catching up, and so yet another comment.

I have made this kind of observation many times, with the French as well. I have my own theory about this, based on my having read way too much C.G. Jung. And what I am about to say is general, and so filled with exceptions.

However, my theory is that these women genuinely feel empowered in the centre of their beings, their souls, perhaps, to be women. The feeling of natural female power allows them the grace to neither threaten other women or men, and nor do they feel the need to broadcast their femininity nor hide it.

On the other side of the Atlantic, women somehow are made to feel inadequate as women. The compensation for that feeling expresses itself in exaggerated femininity (aggressive make-up or sexual expression or sexual behaviour) or the opposite. And also in feelings of emptiness without a male partner. These feelings and their expression often gives rise to competitiveness and hostility, whether expressed passively or actively.

I know, such a generalization. There are lots of exceptions on both side of the Atlantic, but I believe your observation here is valid, and has been made by many people. And it also applies to the men, which also creates a different energy, in that there isn't the feeling of defensiveness nor the need to prove anything.

But then, maybe I am simply full it it.

itzktb said...

E: Great comment, thank you!!!!