Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Although I can’t even really explain this image, this is exactly how I'm beginning to feel about men.


Reverend Shawn said...

HEY !!!
Some of us aren't THAT bad, don't let the yahoos colour your impressions of all men - some of us try to be decent guys you know!!??!!

itzktb said...

Oh, Shawn-you know I'm simply not DRAWN to decent guys! No worries though, I'll figure it out... one day.

Guy Duperreault said...

Does this mean that all it takes is to scan a few bars and discover the price of the relationship? LoL. Hey, we are really just people too. Really.

And think about it: if we were really that easy to figure out you'd probably get bored and leave us in the discount bin. Where, undoubtedly a bunch of us, both m&F, probably deserve to be.

itzktb said...

Guy-easy to figure out may be the correct interpretation of the bar code man, but that's not how I see it.

Not so easy to figure out, but at least in my experience in the last few years, men seem so painfully typical and similar to one another. (Yes, I know there are the "others" out there as well).

I still haven't figured it out, but I do know that at least for now, I am completely uninspired when it comes to the male species. Forgive me?

Guy Duperreault said...

I understand, and forgive. But I assure you that you have no need to ask for forgiveness because I have been frequently completely uninspired by the female species. In fact my greatest despair and depression have come from some horrid female thing. The only thing that has saved me from complete disregard is that I would keep bumping into people of the female persuasion that have kept the thread of hope alive in me.

Good luck.

itzktb said...

No luck needed-just a nice long break from boys.

Perhaps that's it-I meet lots of boys, but not so many men.

Always appreciate your comments, Guy.